IMDA BDDB – Better Data Driven Business

The Better Data Driven Business programme (BDDB) provides free tools and guidance to help SMEs better safeguard their customers’ personal data while making more effective use of data to remain competitive.

The BDDB aims to support two types of SMEs – those that are starting to learn to use data to generate insights, and those that seek to apply and share data for more complex purposes. The BDDB, which is embedded with data protection measures and practices, adopts a differentiated approach to better assist both types.

BDDB Tutorial

Please login to your Business Central Account.  On the front page you will see a “BDDB Tool”


Click on the BDDB Tool, you will see a drop down of the relevant BO Report Exports

Click on the relevant BO to export the file.  It will export into your Download folder

From here, please navigate to for more instructions on how to use the tool.